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About Us

India's first can look alike aluminium kitchen cabinets, furniture products manufactured by us, M/s Nicesys Aluminium Interiors Pvt. Ltd., our Regd. Office at: Satellite Point Industrial Estate, Pallikunnu,Wandoor PO, Malappuram Dt., Kerala ,India-679 328.

Features unmatched never before seen, Nicesys Kitchen storage system made from poly propylene / electro colored aluminum in HINDAL with specific high degree of technology and wide range of high pressure decorative laminate finished components; it takes away the presence of wood in your kitchen. Exclusive kitchen 'kit' comes to you from the house of Nicesys. A product of quality & comfort storage system for the long terms. We are the distributors of SLEEK & HINDWARE all over Kerala . We also have operations in wholesale aluminium & accessories distribution.

Not surprising when you consider the fact that we have always got best product back up quality & after sales service from our branches throughout the state. .

Why People Always Choose Nicesys ?

No More Pests

As Nicesys 'kit' is made of aluminum, using pressure decorative laminated sheet and not wood, your kitchen cabinet will no longer be a breeding ground for cockroaches, termites or any other pests. Infact, you will start enjoying the time your spend in your kitchen


Nicesys 'kit' is cheaper than wood. also with not hidden costs a maintenance breakage or wear off Nicesys Aluminium cabinetry system is real value for your money. Ideal for homes, restarant, hotels, resorts, office reception, halls, bars, parlours, auditorium let your imagination fly to add on. .

Simple To Install Kitchen

Nicesys 'kit' kitchen cabinets are ready-to assemble. So they can be installed in a matter of hours , without any help from your carpenter. and needless to say, without any mess in your kitchen. Durable kitchen Nicesys 'kit' is made from high quality HINDAL aluminum and has high pressure laminated divisions. It is unbreakable and has no biological nature of decay and it's forever your asset. It could be there by a cleanest, attractive, economic, durable and do not loosen or chip off. Shelves are adjustable thus ensuring that the cabinets perform smoothly every year after installation .

Storage Space

The cabinets are designed keeping in a mind your ever growing need for extra storage space which is why you will find specially designed compartments for your gas cylinder, sink, cutlery tray, pull outs, vegetable baskets etc...

Modular Type Of Kitchen

Nicesys 'kit' simple patterned along the lines of a modular type ,using all modern accessories and built in hob. It comes in various sizes, they will perfectly fit into your kitchen layout. What's more, the modular nature also ensures that future alteration to your kitchen cabinets will not be a difficult task at all.

Add More Kitchen Appeal

Nicesys 'kit' not only comes in exiting designs but with attractive glass windows, it also comes in exiting shades, colours, grade finish HD, DM, SS, CR, to name just a few so go ahead, pick your favorite colour.